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Investment Strategies

In order to maintain your lifestyle throughout your 20-30 years of retirement, your investments must work for you both pre and post retirement. That's why we are passionate about financial planning. Throughout this process, we’ll uncover your expectations of returns and how that relates to the risk of your portfolio. Additionally we want to verify that your investments are aligned with your values and incorporate sustainable investing strategies. 

Using a bucket strategy, we’ll develop a diversified and customized plan based on the level of risk that suits your needs and how long you plan to keep your money invested.

Tax-efficient strategies are included whenever possible. We provide tax efficient strategies with every investment we make. The cost structure for our services including financial planning and investment management are wrapped up into an advisory management fee.

All our services are included and are typically 1% of assets under management for households with less than $2M in assets and .75% for households with greater than $2M. There are other cost structures available depending on individual needs and investment preferences. If you are close to retirement or are currently retired, we’ll design an investment strategy that is well suited for your retirement income needs.

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